The Progress toward World War 3

In my work in eschatology, I’ve been predicting World War 3 (WW3) as the war between the Muslim extremists and the U.S. and Europe for many years. See my books of eschatology here. This post will interpret news stories as a progression of events toward the start of WW3. My prediction is that WW3 begins with a nuclear bomb attack by Iran on New York City (2022 or 2023, summer).

November of 2019: Iran is now openly enriching uranium beyond limits imposed by the JCPOA. In addition, the previous 6 months showed a pattern of increasing aggression and absolutely fearlessness toward more powerful nations, indicating that Iran has nukes.

May 7 of 2019 to Nov of 2019: Iran shows increasingly aggressive behavior, as detailed in this post. This behavior reveals that Iran now has several working nuclear bombs. I expect Iran to announce that they have nukes in November, 6 months after they began this increase in aggressive behavior.

Oct 2019: U.S. pulls out of Syria and U.S. troops no longer assist the Kurds in their defense. Turkey attacks the Kurds in Syria. This withdrawal begins to fulfill my prediction that ISIS will take control of Iraq and Syria. Iran will make a pact with ISIS to help them conquer those two nations. Then together they will unite the other Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa.

Unemployment is high in Iran and other nations of that region, as is anger against the West. This provides a willing population of military-age men to go to war in WW3.

Oct 2019: The prime minister of Pakistan and, later, separately, the leader of the national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates, each met with leaders of Iran in Tehran. Iran has also proposed talks with Saudi Arabia — a very unusual offer, since those two nations are bitter enemies. I believe these talks to be related to Iran’s plan to announce they have nukes, and then engage in nuclear blackmail of the surrounding nations, so that Iran can dictate the behavior of those nations. They may disclose they have nukes first privately, in talks with regional leaders; or they might disclose first publicly to everyone.


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