Author Bio

A summary of my credentials as a lay theologian:

I am a baptized and confirmed, believing and practicing cradle Catholic, who receives the Sacraments of Confession and Communion regularly. I believe that the teachings of the holy Catholic Church, found in Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and in the teachings of the Magisterium, are the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe what the Church teaches, and I live according to that teaching. (This credential is sorely lacking among many theologians.)

I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology from Boston College.

I reject all heresies and doctrinal errors. I continually write against heresy and doctrinal error, in order to protect the poor and weak flock of Jesus Christ from false teachers, from wolves in sheep’s clothing, who claim that their heresies and errors are actually a correct understanding of magisterial teaching.

I write articles exposing the grave doctrinal errors found in the many false claims of private revelation in the world today. And I also write in defense of true private revelations, such as Medjugorje and Garabandal. I recognize the voice of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Jesus Christ our Lord in the true private revelations, but I find that voice absent in many claimed private revelations.

I have translated the entire Vulgate Bible from Latin into English, and I have placed that translation in the public domain. I worked for a while on the World English Bible project. I was a proof-reader for the Tweedale edition of the Vulgate (London, 2005). I produced my own edit of the Latin Vulgate Bible (2009). I have also written articles on the subject of Bible translation and interpretation, and articles defending the dogma of the total inspiration and total inerrancy of Sacred Scripture. I have also translated and published a book titled: ‘The Doctrines of the Council of Trent: A New Translation.’

I spent just over four years researching and writing a book of New Testament Biblical chronology: Important Dates in the Lives of Jesus and Mary. This book offers a new perspective on the chronology of New Testament Biblical times, based on extensive research and evidence. I have also written two books pertaining to Old Testament Biblical chronology: ‘Noah’s Flood: Literal or Figurative?’ and ‘Adam and Eve versus Evolution’. both books discuss the proper interpretation of Old Testament stories that seem to be mere myths, but actually have an historical basis.

I have researched and written a comprehensive book of Roman Catholic moral theology book: ‘The Catechism of Catholic Ethics: A work of Roman Catholic moral theology’, as well as a book specifically on ‘Roman Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics’ and a book on ‘Roman Catholic Teaching on Abortion and Contraception’. My work in ethics is based on the teachings of Pope John Paul II in Veritatis Splendor, and of course on many other magisterial sources. There are many books on Catholic ethics today, but very few of them are faithful to the teaching of the Magisterium on the three fonts of morality and on the absolute immorality of all intrinsically evil acts. I write in this area of theology because the faithful have a grave need for guidance on moral questions, and there are few faithful teachers on this topic. My booklet, ‘Roman Catholic Teaching on Intrinsic Evil’, clarifies magisterial teaching on intrinsically evil acts, and explains why these acts are immoral.

I have researched and written a comprehensive book of Roman Catholic salvation theology (soteriology), entitled: ‘Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone’. This book proposes answers to controversial questions on salvation, including: can non-Christians or atheists be saved without converting, is anyone sent to Hell other than for unrepented actual mortal sin, does Limbo exist, what are the punishments of Purgatory and of Hell like, and other important points.

I have written a book defending the papacy in general and Pope Francis in particular against the claim that a pope can possibly teach or commit heresy: ‘In Defense of Pope Francis’.