Michael Voris versus Pope Francis – pt 2 – Supernatural Faith

This is part two in a four-article series. Part one is here.

1. Supernatural Faith

At baptism, we receive the infused theological virtues of love, faith, and hope, and the state of grace. Everyone in the state of grace has supernatural love, faith, and hope. If you have supernatural love, then you also have faith and hope.

If a person in the state of grace commits an actual mortal sin, they lose love and hope; they may or may not lose faith. Only if the actual mortal sin were against faith itself is supernatural faith also lost.

Some persons who have faith, do not have love and hope, and they lack the state of grace. But all persons who lack faith, also lack love, hope, and the state of grace.

If it were true that a baptized Christian no longer has supernatural faith, that necessarily implies also no supernatural love, no supernatural hope, no state of grace. And for a baptized person to enter that state, and remain in it, he must be unrepentant from an actual mortal sin against faith. So it is quite an accusation.

2. Accusations of no Supernatural Faith

In many of his video rants, Michael Voris has proclaimed that certain persons lack supernatural faith, including:
* all Jews [1]
* all Muslims [1]
* all Hindus [1]
* anyone else who does not believe in the Trinity [1]
* many Bishops, [2] even worldwide [4]
* anyone who has no fear of God [3]
* anyone who has no love for souls [5]
* those who have operational control of the Church [6]
* Cardinal Cupich [7]
* many other members of the clergy [8, 9]
* many of the laity and clergy across the entire Church [10]

How does Michael Voris know that these persons all lack supernatural faith? He does not know. For baptized Christians, the only way to lack supernatural faith is to commit (and be unrepentant from) an actual mortal sin, and not just any actual mortal sin, but one that is gravely to faith itself. Voris cannot see souls. As his coworker Christine Niles stated on Twitter, “we have no window into souls.” [2/24/19, @ChristineNiles1] Really? Then how do you “know” that all of the above listed persons have no supernatural faith, and therefore lack the state of grace? You don’t know. It is a false accusation. It is a blatant violation of our Lord’s teaching not to judge.

And Michael Voris has such arrogance that he would even judge the soul of the Pope. In the previous article in this series, I proved that Voris claims, without any basis, that Pope Francis is not in the state of grace, but is in the state of unrepentant actual mortal sin. Claiming that all of the above-listed persons lack supernatural faith is another violation of the proscription against judging souls.

Jews and Muslims and other believers who love God, have supernatural love, therefore they have the state of grace and supernatural faith. Non-believers who love their neighbor selflessly have an implicit baptism of desire, and therefore have supernatural love, supernatural faith, and supernatural hope. And certainly the Bishops of the world generally have love, faith, and hope, as they have love of God and neighbor, and the Sacraments. If any Bishops has fallen out of the state of grace, or has lost supernatural faith, Voris has no way of knowing.

Mr. Voris claims that many of the clergy have lost supernatural faith due to their heresies. But a heresy would need to be committed with full knowledge and full deliberation to be an actual mortal sin that causes the loss of grace and also the loss of faith. Michael Voris himself is guilty of teaching heresy (on salvation, on the Trinity, on the Virgin Mary), but I would not go so far as to say that he lacks supernatural faith. I can’t see his soul. And he can’t see the souls of the literally hundreds of millions of persons he accuses of being without supernatural faith.

3. Is the Pope Catholic?

Does Pope Francis have supernatural faith? That is the topic of this article. I’ve already established that Voris makes false accusations that vast numbers of persons lack supernatural faith, including anyone who does not believe in the Trinity, and many of the clergy. What about Pope Francis?

Voris has accused the Pope of being unrepentant from actual mortal sin. But a baptized Catholic who is in that state usually has faith, even though they lack the state of grace. So it is an additional question, for Michael Voris: Do you think, are you in fact claiming, that Pope Francis lacks supernatural faith?

The answer is that Michael Voris has implied that Pope Francis lacks supernatural faith. And he implies this in a few different ways.

a) At the “Silence Stops Now Rally” in November, 2018, Voris stated, about many Bishops: “They have no fear of God, which means they have no supernatural faith.” [3]

Then in the Statement on the Pope, Voris claims:

“These wolves in shepherds’ clothing brutalize and sodomize the sheep, and you promote them. They have no fear of God, and with each passing day, it appears that neither do you.” [11]

Michael Voris states that the lack of fear of God in a Church leader “means they have no supernatural faith.” He therefore implies that the Pope has lost his supernatural faith, when he implies the Pope has no fear of God. Why would the lack of fear of God deprive only some persons of supernatural faith, and not others? There’s no reason.

Now, I’m not saying that if a person appears to lack fear of God, we can conclude they lack supernatural faith. That is Voris’ claim. But, based on his own public assertions about the Pope and fear of God, that is the only possible conclusion.

b) Then, as if to make this matter more clear, Michael Voris proclaims that the “men” around the Pope (apparently meaning mostly Cardinals and Bishops) have no supernatural faith.

“The men you have surrounded yourself with have no supernatural faith, for one with supernatural faith would tremble and drop dead of fright at the thought of being judged for what they — and now you — have done. A man who aids, abets, protects and promotes such wicked, sexually perverted and predatory men is not fit for the Chair of St. Peter — he is fit for far worse.” [11]

If the men around the Pope have no supernatural faith for their fear at future judgment “for what they…have done”, and if the Pope has supposedly done the same thing: “and now you — have done,” that implies again that Pope Francis has no supernatural faith. And in fact Voris accuses Pope Francis of worse sins, than those sins which supposedly caused the men around the Pope to lose the state of grace and also supernatural faith. So it is quite clear.

But that is a terrible accusation to make against anyone, especially Church leaders. And, just like the accusation that a person is not in the state of grace, Voris has no way to know if the Bishops or the Pope have lost supernatural faith. How would Voris know if a Bishop committed an actual mortal sin against faith, with the interior criteria of full knowledge and full deliberation? How would he know the person was also unrepentant? Michael Voris cannot know the state of the Bishops’ souls. Therefore, every time Voris accuses a Church leader of having lost supernatural faith, it is a false accusation.

c) Read this description by Michael Voris of Pope Francis, and see if you think it describes a person who has supernatural faith:

“You have treated too many of the faithful with coldness and callousness, abusing the power of your office in regard to their sufferings over this horrendous unconscionable evil which you have facilitated.”

“You have drawn into the temple of God, the most holy of sanctuaries, wicked men who have both raped and covered up the rape of innocents.

“Your hypocritical and shameless parade of empty words of sorrow and pleading for forgiveness are an egregious affront to those who believe in God, because you lack all sincerity.”

“You are tearing the Body of Christ apart by elevating the very men whose crimes cry out to Heaven for vengeance, who never will stop because they have no supernatural faith.”

“Your actions and omissions have left you unable to reign over the Church in any meaningful way. You have no credibility, no moral authority, not a shred of decency left after having covered up one scandal after another, until the day you go to your own grave.”

“Holy Father, your friends, your advisors, have raped men and boys. They destroy truth and innocence and lives and souls. You are covering for them.”

“Whatever pact of evil you may have created with one another, or rationalized, it will be your everlasting shame and agony when you are plunged into the pit where the fire is never quenched and the worm dieth not.” [11]

Some of those alleged sins are against supernatural faith. Does a person with no shred of decency, who has made a pact of evil, who treats the faithful with coldness and callousness, who draws into the temple of God wicked men, who is hypocritical and shameless, and who is tearing the Body of Christ apart, does such a person have supernatural faith? Clearly, not — not if those claims were true.

I don’t agree with any of those accusations against Pope Francis. But according to Michael Voris, if a Catholic lacks fear of God, or lacks love for souls, both of which, according to him, apply to Pope Francis, then they lack supernatural faith.

“There is no fear of God, there is no love for souls, there is no supernatural faith in these men.” [5]

Therefore, based on all of the above considerations a, b, and c, it is clear that Michael Voris strongly implies that Pope Francis lacks supernatural faith, as well as the state of grace. And that is a grave false accusation. Mr. Voris cannot see the soul of the Pope, so he cannot know the state of that soul.

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