Overview and Summary of Future Events

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The tribulation is also called the End Times, the End of Days, and the Apocalypse.

Very Concise Overview

1. The first part of the tribulation

2. The inter-tribulation period

3. The second part of the tribulation


* We are presently in the preparatory period just before the Tribulation begins.

* The first part of the tribulation begins in 2022 AD (or perhaps sooner) and ends in 2040 AD with the Three Days of Darkness.

* The inter-tribulation period begins in spring of 2040 AD and lasts for a few hundred years until 2429 AD.

* The second part of the tribulation begins in 2430 AD, with the rise to power of the Antichrist. His nearly-seven year reign is from 2431 to 2437 AD. The Return of Jesus the true Christ occurs in 2437 AD, after the fall of the Antichrist from power.

Overview of the First Part of the Tribulation

Present day (2019-early 2022) is the threshold of the tribulation

Past Event:
* The conservative Catholic schism begins, and conservatives accuse Pope Francis of heresy (fulfilled prediction of mine)

Future events, the world:
* Iran announces they have nuclear weapons
* Iran ramps up their nuclear program publicly
* Iran threatens the West with nuclear attack on cities if they interfere in their nuclear program
* Hasan Rouhani becomes Supreme Leader, while continuing to be President of Iran
* Iran makes a pact with ISIS
* Iran helps ISIS conquer Iraq and Syria; the West declines to intervene out of fear of nuclear attack.

Future events, the Church:
* Pope Francis ordains women deacons
* Pope Francis teaches that non-Catholic Christians and non-believers can be saved without converting
* Pope Francis uses Papal Infallibility to confirm his controversial teachings on salvation and on women deacons
* As a result, the conservative Catholic schism, which was already well underway, progresses to the point that the schismatics depart from the institutional Catholic Church, and try to set up their own allegedly true church.

* Pope Francis resigns (2022)
* Cardinal Arinze is elected the next Pope: Pius 13th

* 2022: the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle
Good Friday of 2022, the Warning of Garabandal, which is the first secret of Medjugorje
Easter Sunday of 2022, the Consolation, which is the second secret of Medjugorje
May 12th (evening, Garabandal time), the Miracle, which is the third secret of Medjugorje

1. First Seal of the Seven Seals and First Horseman of the Apocalypse: World War 3
Summer of 2022 to mid-2020’s

World War 3 begins with a nuclear bomb attack on New York City in the summer of 2022. Iran sends a nuclear bomb across Iraq to a port in Syria. A ship takes the bomb to New York City, and explodes it right next to United Nations headquarters. So begins World War 3.

In this War, the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa attack the United States, and then they invade and conquer Europe. They also capture further territory south, deeper into Africa. The Muslim extremists will win the war and occupy a vast territory for several years.

2. Second Seal and Second Horseman: Severe Worldwide Civil Unrest
Summer of 2022 to mid-2020’s

3. Third Seal and Third Horseman: Famine, more severe in Wealthy Nations
Summer of 2022 to mid-2020’s

4. Fourth Seal and Fourth Horseman: Death and the Fear of Death
Summer of 2022 to mid-2020’s

During the Famine, the Orthodox Christians and the Protestant Christians (led by the Anglicans) return to unity with the Catholic Church. The Church is then restructured to have seven branches in unity: five for the formerly-Protestant Churches, one for the Eastern Rite, including the Orthodox, one for the Latin Rite. These are the five loaves and the two fishes. The Latin Rite and Eastern Rite are larger and more influential branches. But they are all in full communion with the Roman Pontiff. Thus, all Christians will be united in one holy Catholic Church, during the early years of the first part of the tribulation.

* The Great Ecumenical Council (2029-2033)

At the start of the Council, the Pope who called the Council dies. Since the Council was already gathered, they immediately hold a conclave. A miraculous sign from God indicates that Fr. Zlatko Sudac (then a Bishop) should be the next Pope. He is validly elected and accepts the office, taking the name Pope Raphael. (Subsequent Popes, after the first part of the tribulation ends, will take angelic names also, in no particular order: Raphael II, Michael I, Gabriel I….)

There is a respite of at least a few years after the first four sets of events end, and before the fifth Seal begins. During that time, a great Ecumenical Council is held, which approves of Unification and which corrects many errors on doctrine and discipline. The Council also confirms the teaching of Pope Francis on women deacons and on salvation.

Anyone who continues to disagree is not only excommunicated, but they have nowhere to go. There will be no schismatic groups at this time. If you disagree, you will not be able to get together with like-minded heretics and schismatics, to hold Mass and pretend to be the true Church. Sit at home, alone, until you repent.

5. Fifth Seal

The first of four leaders of Iran is Hasan Rouhani. As World War 3 progresses, a second and third leader succeed him. Then, during the occupation after the War, a fourth leader of Iran rises to power. The first three leaders shared power with the leader of Iraq (ISIS). The fourth obtains full control over the entire vast territory of the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, and all the occupied nations.

World War 3 was undertaken by Iran and ISIS to fulfill their radical Islamic end times beliefs as Twelvers. (Every Christian should know this! See my past posts.) They thought that World War 3 would result in them conquering the whole world, and in setting up a worldwide Islamic kingdom, where everyone would be Muslim.

But now, on the threshold of World War 4 (the Sixth Seal), the fourth leader of Iran obtains control over many nuclear ICBMs. And he threatens first the occupied nations, and later the whole world: convert or die.

So the Fifth Seal is a great martyrdom, a Christian Holocaust. (Jews will not be massacred; there will never again be a Jewish Holocaust.) Millions of Christians will be put to death because they refuse to convert to Islam. Many unfaithful Christians will convert. This massacre is one of two events that causes the free nations to initiate World War 4, an all-out nuclear war.

During the massacre, some faithful Muslims (who are not extremists) assist Christians in avoiding the worst of the pogrom against them. (The Jews are not massacred because Israel makes a credible threat to use nuclear missiles against the extremists.)

The other event that triggers World War 4 is the threat by the Iranian leader of the vast territory to unleash a nuclear holocaust on the free nations, unless they submit to his authority and convert to his version of Islam (a new Islamic sect, not Shia or Sunni).

6. Sixth Seal: World War 4

The free nations use a nuclear first strike (with pure fusion weapons, which have no radioactive fallout) to end the massacre of Christians and to attempt to avert or lessen the damage done by a nuclear attack from the Iranian leader of the Muslim extremists.

The preeminent leader of the Allied forces is the great Catholic monarch, Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir. He is supported and approved by the Angelic Shepherd, Fr. Zlatko Sudac as Pope Saint Raphael I. Pope Raphael prays over, and as a result, God sends an Angel to give Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir the Seal of the Living God. Fr. Zlatko received the Seal of the Living God on May 7th of 1999. Only those two have the Seal, until after World War 4.

The West will win World War 4 but at great cost. Hundreds of millions of persons will be killed in this war. Whole cities will be destroyed by nuclear missiles. The survivors will envy the dead.

After the War, there is a brief respite, while a large number of holy persons throughout the world are given the Seal of the Living God. (Details in my books of eschatology.)

Subsequently, the Angelic Shepherd crowns Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir as the next and last holy Roman emperor, and his kingdom will be the entire kingdom formerly held by the Muslim extremists: Europe, the Middle East, and the northern part of Africa above the Equator. (The Equator will not be the exact dividing line, but only nations above the Equator are part of that kingdom.)

7. The Seventh Seal is divided into Seven Trumpets.

The first Six Trumpets are for the first part of the tribulation, the Seventh Trumpet waits until the second part of the tribulation. The Seven Trumpets and the other events of the whole tribulation are described in detail in my books of eschatology.

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